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11/29/20 - 10:00am

Overnight rain has not interrupted our showcase! All field locations; Cox, Veterans and RE Goode are in great and playable condition.  All games will continue as scheduled. Thank you for being part of the 2020 Thanksgiving Showcase! The most reliable showcase in the country, in all conditions!


The show must go on!  The extension of the “dead period” for D1 schools most definitely does not mean that they won’t be paying attention to our thanksgiving showcase!  In fact, with so little time left after the first of the year to see games and recruit players, they are going to be paying more attention to our showcase than ever before!  They really need to see recent performances against high-quality competition in ideal conditions, in order to hit the ground running right and do their best recruiting after the first of the year, and Thanksgiving weekend is an ideal time for them to do that.  That is why we will be closely interacting with D1 coaches and employing innovative ways to make their job easier than ever. 

We will be programming our event with marquis matchups, providing live streaming of multiple games, making sure that they have access to high-quality video recordings, and giving them all the information they need to identify and contact players and their coaches as soon as they are allowed to do so. 

It is also just as important not to forget that our tournament is always heavily attended by the highest quality D2 and D3 schools, and we expect this year to be no different.  We are well known for all the little things we do every year to take good care of these coaches during their stay with us, which is why they return year after year.  Many players have found their dream school for the future standing on our fields after their games at our showcase, and we expect this year to be no different.  We hope to see you there!

All teams must be prepared to play Friday starting at 9 am.  The last game on Sunday will begin at 2 pm. 

In the event of cancellation due to Covid-19, registration fees will be fully refunded minus credit card processing fees. 

We encourage you to apply as soon as possible!  All teams not accepted will be placed on the waiting list. 

The DKSC Thanksgiving Showcase is a STAY-TO-PLAY event.  All teams traveling 90 miles or more are REQUIRED to stay in an official tournament hotel and must make reservations through Events By Design.  Failure to make your reservations through Events By Design will result in the non-acceptance of your team.  

Once accepted you will be sent a link to book your rooms.   



The DKSC Thanksgiving Showcase continues a proud tradition as the top women’s college showcase in North Texas for over thirty years. Due to high demand, especially this year, admission to the Showcase is limited and subject to the tournament committee’s review and approval of your application – high quality is a must, and "stay to play" at tournament approved hotels for out of  town teams are required.

High-Quality Fields

The Cox Soccer Complex is widely considered to be the finest grass surface in the Metroplex. Scouts are easily able to watch three games at once from central locations within the complex, which gives them great access to your coaches and gives your teams exceptional exposure. All fields are within close proximity for easy movement between games and locations.

College Coaches and Scouts

The Showcase is heavily attended by over 150 college coaches from all divisions, including many of the top programs in the country at every level. The coaches are provided with high-quality catering throughout the tournament days, social events at night, and lots of nice swag in appreciation for their attendance at the event.

Nearby Luxury and Affordable Hotels

The tournament has made arrangements with several high quality, very nearby hotels for a comfortable/affordable stay for our many out of town teams, and will work closely with your organization to help make your trip a success.


Nicole James

Nicole James

Tournament Director

Phone: (469) 951-2297

Sheila Honore

Sheila Honore

Travel Coordinator

Phone: (972) 965-1238

Sean Miller

Sean Miller

Upper90 Sports Media

Phone: (214) 476-6310