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DKSC Academy’s goal is to provide the development bridge between recreational soccer and competitive soccer (also known as Select Soccer). Teams are formed throughout the year. Our Academy teams will provide players the necessary tools to develop as a soccer player. 
Players are invited to attend academy training at any time, regardless of the time of year and soccer club or association affiliation.
To attend an open skills session, please contact our club president, administrator or one of our coaches in your age group, they can provide you information on training times, locations, league information, training fees, etc.
  • DKSC Academy provides the development of players to transition from the recreational to the competitive levels in youth soccer.
  • DKSC Academy provides exceptional skill sessions, training facilities, coaching, and team structure that will develop young players from 6 to 10 years of age.
  • DKSC Academy offers a challenging, competitive, and educational program in which youth soccer players will develop their skills and learn sportsmanship, citizenship, and fair play.
Come and join us...

Juan Martinez

President/Executive Director

Phone: (214) 926-6370

Mary Rodriguez

Club Administrator

Phone: (469)682-0901

Dallas Christian College (DCC) Academy Coaches

2700 Christian Pkwy, Dallas, TX
Babak Abouzar                      2014G
Richie Chavarria 2013G
Ace Cotto 2013G   2015G  2016G  2017G
John Esquivel  2013G  2014G
Eddie Tapia                                                              2013G  2014B  2015G  2015B  2016B           
Paige Oliver  2014G 


Cox Soccer Fields

13550 Dennis Ln, Farmers Branch, TX
Lonney Hernandez 2014G                             


Crown Park

2300 Crown Rd, Dallas, TX
Oscar Reyes 2013B 2013G 
Mark Valdov 2013G



700 Panther Pkwy, Princeton, TX 

Mikaela Madrid 2015G                       


JM Caldwell Sr Community Park

500 W College St, Princeton, TX

Alberto Yanez


University Park Elementary

3500 Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX

Christian Camargo       2013B  2015G                         


Near SMU

Dallas, TX

Jesse Siragusa 2013B                  



2200 Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas, TX 

Jair Rubio 2013B                   
Jorge Guzman 2016B
Pablo Esquibel 2013B    



1871 Shady Ridge Dr, Midlothian, TX

Chad Naizer     2013G                  



1800 E Broad St, Mansfield, TX

Alan Hurtado      2013G                            


Waxahachie Outdoor

Jerry Hopgood  2013B                   



550 N Murphy Rd, Murphy, TX

John Joost     2013G             


Southpointe Baptist Church

901 Debbie Ln, Arlington, TX

Nelson Rodriguez             2013/2014B                        



201 S Hurst Rd, Burleson, TX

Jesse Slattery      2012/2013B